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Lemon Grass/Green Tea – Wellness

 300.00 1,500.00
Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Darjeeling Oolong – Arya – Second Flush

This high Mountain Oolong is produced from the fine leaves harvested during the summers from high elevations of Arya Tea Garden. Perhaps one of the best Darjeeling style Oolong Tea which can be called a True Oolong with a slightly pungent yet a clean character. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Hibiscus White Tea – Wellness

 300.00 1,500.00
Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Roasted Black – Yanki – Second Flush

This blended tea has a robust flavor and a rich, malty taste. It is a delicate 'Muscatel' flavor with a soothing, smoky taste. It's  woody and spicy notes gives it a sweet flavor making it an interesting second flush black tea.  It is enjoyed either with milk or as a bright Golden Orange Pekoe liquor. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

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