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Brass Tea pot


Darjeeling Masala Chai

 500.00 900.00
An Indian specialty perfected using a blend of Darjeeling Orthodox and Assam CTC- this is a perfect combination of warming and delicious with rich blend of Indian spices galore  ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and one secret ingredient. It’s a good tea to wake up with and also perfect during the cold winter season. Ships in 3-4 Working Days.

Assam Golden Tips

This Assam specialty Orthodox tea is carefully plucked & produced in expert supervision and utmost care. Full blaze of golden tips with coppery bright even infusion bright brisk and good flavor specially made for our connoisseur’s tea lover. This comes from clonal bushes in Assam. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Ruby Black Tea – Arya – Second Flush

Made exclusively from AV2 Clonal bushes this tea is tippy and chunky. We can call it a stylish tea from Darjeeling with a complex character and abundance of muscatel notes. for those who like a lighter black tea it’s a great choice!

Rose Black – Wellness

 300.00 1,500.00
Ships in 3-4 Working Days

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