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Golden Needles

 1,900.00 9,500.00
Golden Needles. This exotic black tea is beautifully shaped into long needles. Comprised almost entirely of buds. It has remarkable sweet honey-like note with a nutty dry feel in the finish (a peculiar chestnut finish may also lead to a sweet astringency). The aromas resemble cocoa or chocolate. This could be due to a low amount of pigments or chlorophyll in the buds. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Silver Needles

 2,000.00 10,000.00
Silver Needles. This white Tea from Nepal is made with only the freshest, youngest buds of the tea plant. beautiful, rare tea, with long needles and distinctive silver tips. The pale liquor reveals a delicate aroma, the flavor of sweet grass with a hint of citrus, and finishes with satisfying almond notes. The tea’s mouthfeel is smooth and silky, devoid of astringency. An exquisite Connoisseur Collection tea. Ships in 3-4 Working Days