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Silver Needles

 2,000.00 10,000.00
Silver Needles. This white Tea from Nepal is made with only the freshest, youngest buds of the tea plant. beautiful, rare tea, with long needles and distinctive silver tips. The pale liquor reveals a delicate aroma, the flavor of sweet grass with a hint of citrus, and finishes with satisfying almond notes. The tea’s mouthfeel is smooth and silky, devoid of astringency. An exquisite Connoisseur Collection tea. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Summer Chinary Black Tea – Arya – Second Flush

 850.00 4,250.00
Summer Chinary Black Tea - Arya - Second Flush Chunky in size and dark brown and dark chocolate in colour this tea is selectively plucked only from Chinary Bushes. Its floral, fresh and stimulating, this tea is a classic Second flush Darjeeling. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Summer Moonlight White Tea – Badamtam – Second Flush

Summer Moonlight White Tea - Badamtam - Second Flush A high quality Second flush White tea which is rich in aroma and sweetness. This tea is made exclusively from the AV2 clonal bushes of the Maharani division of Margarets Hope Tea Garden. Ships in 3-4 Working Days

Wiry Muscatel Black – Risheehat – Second Flush

 1,000.00 5,000.00
A very stylish Second flush Black tea from Risheehat Tea Garden has been twisted and curled and made into a wiry tea. This specialty tea comes from the Tea leaves selected only from the China bushes by expert hands. This Tea has a clear notes of muscatel character and is fruity in taste. This Wiry Black Tea is produced in limited quantities as it cannot be produced in huge quantities like the other bulk teas.

Wonder Tea – Yanki – Second Flush

 650.00 3,250.00
Yanki Wonder Tea is a  full leaf ORTHODOX BLACK TEA made from the tea leaves  of Rangbang Village in Mirik valley  which is nestled at an elevation of about 2000 feet above sea level. These tea plants are MORE THAN ORGANIC, they thrive in the natural habitat of this agricultural village and the small tea producers use only natural form of fertilizers as in cowdung manure and safe herbal pesticides, weedicides. Ships in 3-4 Working Days